Welcome to the Tasty Planet

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Join me every Saturday from 2:00-4:00PM (Pacific) where we cover the world of food, wine and travel. Tune in to KRXA 540AM on your radio dial.

Do you have a SMARTPHONE or other cool internet device? If you do you can listen to the Tasty Planet via the smartphone app called tunein. It works and has a very economical data rate so you can listen to the show while using very little data. So download tunein today and join the Tasty Planet anywhere you go.

I am an independent broadcaster and present two hours of food, wine and travel radio that I hope delights, intrigues and sometimes may even make you mad. 

In the last seven years we have covered so much. From food and nutrition with nationally acclaimed authors, to segments devoted to cutting-edge chefs, organics, the GMO fight, wine, brewing, viniculture, water, pesticides and even recipes for some of my favorite dishes.

We’ve done live remotes from Germany, Scottsdale, Chicago, Glendale, Yountville, Berkeley, San Luis Obispo, Sacramento and Chandler. I have an entire production studio in a suitcase (minus the foam).

If you are outside of the 831 area code, try streaming the Tasty Planet live. 

When it comes to travel we’ll go anywhere, exotic locations or around the corner. If it’s some how related to food, wine or travel: then it’s on the show.

To call in during when we are live on the air: dial 831-298-5060.

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